So – now what? My more or less vague plans and intentions

So, now that you know all about me and my dieting/weight loss history, it’s time to focus on the present – and the future.

Now that I’ve I’ve managed to cobble together some weight-loss wisdom, it’s time to put it into practice. Hence, the title of this blog, “50 by 60,” meaning I’ve decided to lose 50 pounds by my 60th birthday – a little more than a year from now.

As of my last weigh-in, the scales stand at 242 pounds. A 50-pound weight loss would put me below 200 pounds – for the first time in at least two decades!

Now I know – and you know – that we’re not supposed to focus on the numbers on the scale. They only represent one metric of health and fitness. There are lots of other numbers which are just as important, if not more so. Like your blood pressure,  for example. Or your bank balance. I’d love to see THAT number change!


Still … I’m a flawed, fallible human being. And even though it may seem superficial and shallow to some, I’ve decided that seeing the numbers on my 10-year-old Weight Watchers decrease to a number starting with a “1” rather than a “2” would make me very, very, VERY happy. (At least for a few minutes.)

So, let’s go! Next post, I’ll dive into the specifics of what I’m doing and why, diet and exercise-wise.

(Meanwhile, if you’re one of the lovely people who’ve “liked” my blog so far, please feel free to post something in the comments – even if only to say hi! But if you’re too shy, that’s fine. I’m glad to know you’re out there, anyway!)


3 thoughts on “So – now what? My more or less vague plans and intentions

  1. Just found your blog tonight! I might have to do a 50 by 60 program too. I’m 58 now but will be 59 this July. I want to lose 50-60 lbs. I’ve done TOPS in the past and while I loved the ladies there and the program, I wasn’t real successful at losing weight there and I gained what I did lost back quickly. I really need to get serious about losing this weight. I’m tired of every doctor I go to looking at me and blaming my problems on my weight. I’ve been battling a kidney stone recently and even that was blamed on my obesity! Of course!

    I look forward to reading more of your blog!


      • Thanks. I need to come up with a plan. I think just sensible stuff for me like smaller portions, no seconds, stop the night time snacking (that’s killing me), eating more fruits and veggies and less fried food and bread. Sounds so simple when you sit down to think about it. I need to get back to walking. I’m so deconditioned from not being able to walk all winter.- partly due to the weather and partly due to a kidney stone I’ve battled since around Thanksgiving. I’m ready to get serious!


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