Quick update, with exciting stats!

Hey everyone – hope you’re having an exciting Eclipse Day!

We didn’t get a whole lot of drama out here in Southern California. Yeah, the light seemed to dim a bit, but um, it’s cloudy, so that might’ve had something to do with it.

Anyway, first bit of exciting new: I’m in the ’30s!!

The 230s, that is. Yes, my OFFICIAL weight as of this morning is (drum roll please):



Yes!! That means I’m OUT of the ’40s, for the first time in, oh, lessee, at least three years! Something to celebrate, I think!

And I did celebrate, by doing my very very first EVER “Couch to 5K” workout.

couch to 5k

Yes, that’s right – I actually RAN a little bit! Week 1, Day 1, is basically mostly walking but with 1-minute running intervals – 8, to be exactly – and I managed to lurch through every dagnab one of ’em!

Yippity skippity – I’m a runner, folks!


OK, to bring things down to earth, slightly, I decided to buy some new running shoes. So naturally, being in the San Fernando Valley, I went to the most popular running shoe store, Fleet Feet in Encino. I’d actually gone there several years ago to buy some running shoes, and they lasted quite a while, so hey, why not, right?

And it was … okay. I mean, the nice saleslady who waited on me foot and foot (get it?) bore an uncanny resemblance to Olympia Dukakis. She SAID her name was Bobbie, but who knows? I haven’t seen Olympia for a while, have you?


Anyway, Bobbie was very nice, and fitted me with a pair of snazzy-looking Brooks GTS 17 or something like that, which is OK because the last pair of shoes I bought at Fleet Feet lo those many years ago were Brooks Addiction Walkers, and they lasted quite a while.

brooks addiction

So I have high hopes for these, although they cautioned me the 30-day guarantee doesn’t apply if I get them dirty. So it’s back to the treadmill for me, I guess!

I’ve actually been doing my walking and other workouts in plain ol’ minimalist Merrell Mary Janes, and I love ’em.


But after today’s walk, I decided I might need a bit more support if I’m gonna be pounding the pavement.

Now – if can just avoid buying anything ELSE for a few days, I should be doing well! That’s the trouble with taking up a new hobby – ANY new hobby: it’s so tempting to buy a whole bunch of stuff to go with it – especially shoes! (Too bad they don’t make special shoes for knitting, but I’m sure they’re working on it!)

running gear

Next time: how my shoes (and my feet, and my psyche) are holding up!


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