A few ground rules, plus pingback fun!

Just thought I’d step back a moment and make a few “executive decisions” regarding this new blog o’ mine – synchronize it, if you will.

pingback3 (pingback! pingback!)

First of all, NO POLITICS! That’s right, this will be one of the increasingly rare places in the blogosphere where you’re welcome, no matter how far to the left, or the right (or the North or the South) you may be. All that matters is you share an interest in weight loss issues. I will absolutely NOT mention any news, or comment on any current events (unless World War III breaks out, or anti-sitcom anarchists tear down the statue of Mary Tyler Moore in Minneapolis).


So relax – your Weight Loss Safe Space is raht cheer!

Second, here’s how I’m gonna do this. My birthday is one week from today. On that day, I’ll set my OFFICIAL goal – 50 pounds from my weight on that day. One year to lose it. I think that sounds reasonable, don’t you? Also synchronizes nicely.

pingback2 (pingback! pingback!)

Third, I’ll set a specific day to announce my weigh-ins, rather than the scattershot way I’ve been doing it up to now.

Fourth and finally, I’m going to try to cut back on the clip art and memes, and add my own photos. Not all the time, you understand. I mean, clip art and memes – they’re FUN, right?


But after all, it is MY blog, so perhaps I should try to be a little original, once in a while!

Anyway, that’s all I wanted to say. And since the wonderful WordPress Daily Prompt seemed so apropos today, it seemed like the perfect time to get things all synched up.

pingback1(pingback! pingback!)



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