Tomorrow is B-Day!

That’s right – tomorrow is my 59th birthday, and the OFFICIAL start of my one-year effort to lose 50 pounds by my 60th!


Also tomorrow, I’m going to ask someone (probably my long-suffering husband) to take a couple of good “before” photos of me – one from the front, one from the side. I’ll post them here (after the birthday cake, of course!) and then take new photos every month.

I know some people are nervous about posting their “before” photos, worrying that some strange troll will post mean, nasty, critical comments.

Well, that’s what Comment Moderation is all about, Charlie Brown!


And anyway, I’ve already had more than my share of criticism and fat-shaming throughout my life. A little more won’t kill me.

And as I’m sure you know, there are people out there who will criticize ANY woman who isn’t a size zero. Even beauty pageant winners aren’t exempt! Take a look at this story that popped up on the news yesterday: Size 10 beauty queen refuses title after ‘too big’ claim

Let me tell you, folks, if THIS woman is “too fat,” then all of us may as well give up and eat an entire carton of ice cream, right now!

But no … I’ll hold off on that. I will, however, be giving myself a “No Calorie Counting” day tomorrow, in honor of my special day, so I can indulge in ONE luscious piece of cake, dripping with chocolate icing, assuming anyone remembers to make it for me.


If not – well, mayhaps I’ll just get my OWN cake! Anyway, I’ll check in tomorrow (or more likely, Sunday) and let you know how it all came down.

And thanks again for reading my new blog. I think it’s gonna be a great year!


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