One Year From Today – The Official Beginning!

Okay (deep sigh) – here we go:

me 09022017

This is me – today – on my 59th birthday (looking like Gordon Cole’s female tulpa, if you ask me!).


My current weight is:


One year from today – September 2, 2018 – God willin’ and the creek don’t rise – I intend to have lost 50 pounds, so my goal weight is (drum roll, please):


(Oh heck, let’s just round it down to 185, shall we? I’ve always hated fractions.)


I’ve always hated fractions.

Of course, I secretly hope to lose way more than that and be in bikini-body shape. But realistically, that probably ain’t gonna happen!

So – here we go! I’m really looking forward to continuing to share my thoughts, struggles, diet reviews & rants, workout issues, and other fun stuff with you over the coming year.

Thanks a ton for reading, and following, my blog!

(And oh, one more thing: if you’ve got any spare change at all, please consider donating some of it to the American Red Cross, to help the good folks in Texas. They need all the help they can get – thank you!)


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