Weekly Weigh-in, and didja ever notice …

Weekly weigh-in:

Damn straight!*

(*Thought it’d be fun to start conveying my weights in rhyme. We’ll see how it goes.)

Anyway … since “60 Minutes” reruns don’t appear on Netflix or Hulu (as far as I know), the headline I chose is only going to make sense to those of my readers who are of, ahem, “a certain age.” Anyone else remember this guy?


That’s right, good ol’ loveable curmudgeon Andy Rooney! Remember how much fun it was when we’d gather around the ol’ Philco on a Sunday night, snuggled up with our hot cocoa and teddy bears, chuckling together, as a nation, at those pearls of wisdom that dropped from ol Andy’s eyebrows? It was a magical time, I tell ya!


Anyway, I was SURE I was going to have a weight GAIN this morning, and I was all set to do my best Andy Rooney imitation. (“Didja ever notice how we always seem to GAIN weight on Mondays? Wonder why that is?” [bites into leftover church doughnuts] “I think it’s a plot, myself.”)

But in spite of my slight indulgence of yesterday (sugar donuts, mmm!) I still managed to drop a couple of pounds (well, technically, less than two … let’s see, 228.1 minus 226.8, one minus eight equals 11 – 8, = 3, carry the one … ugh, math on Monday is the WORST!).


(Right, Joseph Nebus?)


So maybe it’s like that wonderful, anonymous genius over at aworkoutroutine.com posted last month – an occasional indulgence will NOT destroy your diet! As long as it’s just once in a while, and not every day, the OCCASIONAL sugar donut is probably okay.

So … I’m no longer going to worry about those dreaded “church donuts” again. And neither should you! I mean, within reason. Don’t eat the whole box. That’s just rude, and your fellow worshippers might be a bit miffed.


And frankly, I wouldn’t blame them one single bit!

That’s it for today, I believe! Hope you all have a wonderful Monday, and a great week!


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