Weekly Weigh-In, and Non-Scale Benchmarks

Good morning, loyal followers! I’m happy to report this week’s weigh-in is:


which means the ol’ Weight Loss Train is chuggin’ along nicely! Still not seeing the measurements budge, which is weird because I’m SEEING (and FEELING) some significant differences. For example:

  • Clothes that have been uncomfortably tight for a couple of years are suddenly loose and comfy again!
  • Going up and down the choir loft stairs at church no longer involves panting, wheezing, and inability to continue singing after Communion without sucking down half a bottle of water!
  • Rising from comfy armchairs is no longer a slow, well-choreographed ballet designed specifically to avoid damaging arms of chairs (or knees of me!)!
  • Underarm “wings” still there, but no longer seem quite as aerodynamically sound!

So, in spite of the maddening refusal of the tape measure to echo my optimism, things are still looking pretty good!

What are some non-scale type benchmarks YOU look for when you’re losing weight?


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