Pumpkin Spice Weekly Weigh-In!

Good morning, all! Happy Monday! Time for the weigh-in – let’s see … carry the one … adjust for clothing …


219 and feelin’ fine! Well, that’s not all that much of a loss, but hey, given that I slightly overindulged this weekend (thanks, Trader Joe!), I guess I shouldn’t complain.

Mmm, Pumpkin Ginger Mini Hold the Cones — irresistible!

Speaking of pumpkin flavor, pumpkin scent, pumpkin pumpkin pumpkin, doesn’t that seem to be a bit of an overused riff round this time of year?

I mean, sure, it goes well with a lot of stuff …


coffee and such-like …

and I suppose you could even make a plausible argument in favor of stuff like this:


but sometimes, I think maybe we’re carrying it a little too far…

And what if you’re allergic to pumpkin spice? There’s no pumpkin spice Benadryl yet, though I’m sure won’t be long.


I dunno. I like the stuff myself, but doesn’t it seem a tad overused?


Welp … if we get too worried about it, there’s always —


Have a pumpkin-spiced day, everyone!




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