Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-in, Post-Potluck Edition!

Well, good morning to you, friends and neighbors! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! We had yet another church potluck yesterday, this time in honor of ol’ St. Nicholas who, in the Eastern Christian tradition isn’t so much jolly as … well, kinda curmudgeonly. Like the late, great Andy Rooney, with correct dogma.

So there was lots of yummy potluck-style food, including my all-time fave, baked macaroni and cheese, with extra cheese!

Not to mention lots and lots and LOTS of chocolate, in the form of cupcakes, M&M cookies and, of course, chocolate coins!

Fortunately, I used my amazing Math Brain to calculate that there are approximately 20 to 25 calories in each chocolate coin, so even though I overindulged, at least I knew how MUCH I was overindulging. It was a good day.

AND — when I stepped on the scale this frosty morn, here’s what I saw:

Let’s Go to the Store!

Because yay, I actually lost a whole pound since last week! And I do have to buy a new cellphone today anyway (my old one rolled over and died yesterday), so I’m goin’ shopping! Not with chocolate coins, although … who knows? At an exchange rate of 25 calories each, I might be able to strike a deal with some starving kiosk phone seller.


Anything’s possible, right? I’ll let you know how it turns out!

Meanwhile, stay warm and have a great Monday! See you Friday, when I give you my five reasons for possibly NOT quitting my gym after all!


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