Friday Five: More Lame Excuses!

Hey, is it Friday already? Ahem! Sorry, folks, I totally forgot that:

  1. It’s Friday, and
  2. I’m writing a blog, and
  3. I promised to update it on Fridays and Mondays, and
  4. today was supposed to be Part II of my riveting series on the pros and cons of gym membership, and
  5. I totally have a good excuse!

Although it may seem a bit meager at this point, the excuse is as follows:

  1. I forgot.


But I forgot for a really good, exercise-related reason! See, when I got up this morning, I decided that, since there’s only a little more than a week till That Holiday That You’re Pretending Is Further Away Than It Really Is (aka the Birth of Our Lord and Saviour), it might be a good idea to actually send out some Christmas cards.

So, I sat down at the kitchen table, addressed all the cards, signed them (using alternating, festive shades of red and green, nice!), got my hubby to sign them, put stamps on them, removed them when hubby pointed out they were the wrong stamps, re-stamped them, sealed them, and decided, “Hey, the weather’s really nice! I think I’ll walk to the Post Office and mail these, thus combining a necessary chore with some good exercise!”

So, I did the walk, and as I was on my way home, I passed by this beauty school, which had a big sign out front advertising $5.00 haircuts, if you don’t mind their students doing them, and I realized, “Hey, I’ve got $5.00 with me, AND I really, really need a haircut so I can get rid of that Gordon Cole look!”

So, I stopped in and spent a relaxing hour in the chair, having my hair cut by a sweet, shy, and very careful young student who used only scissors, and consulted her teachers fairly often to make sure she was doing it right. (You’ll be happy to hear that she was, and that they commended her for following The Guide.)

When she finished, she took some photos, I thanked her profusely, paid my $5.00 plus a small tip (it had to be small, I don’t carry much cash when I’m out walking, but she certainly deserved more!), and ambled on, getting home just in time to make lunch.

So, here I am. And no Friday Five for you, just because I prefer walking to blogging about walking. Oh well — I PROMISE I’ll get to those five “pros of gym membership next week — although at the moment I can only think of a couple. (Hmm, maybe that says something!)

Anyway, sorry if you were waiting on tenterhooks and all that, but y’know, it’s a nice day. Maybe YOU should be out walking, instead of just reading about it! Whatever you do — hope you have a wonderful weekend!



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