Friday Five: Things that won’t change when my weight does


Happy Friday, everyone! Don’t be shocked: this may be the last Friday Five, because frankly, I’m ready to make some changes. But there are a few things that WON’T change, just because I’m losing weight. To wit:

  1. My atrocious fashion sense. I’ve always been a little old lady in tennis shoes, even when I was a kid. I even wore tennis shoes to my wedding, white ones with frilly laces. (And now I can’t find the photo to prove it! No worries, I’ll post it later.*) Anyway, the point is, I’ve always refused to wear uncomfortable shoes just because they look good, and I see no point in changing now. So there. Hmph.
    (*It’s later! Thanks to my hubby for emailing me this:


    Photo taken by Nataly Lemus, Wedding Photographer extraordinaire!

    I forget what brand the shoes were but I remember my cousin Laura, my friend June, and I did a last-minute rush trip to Jo-Ann’s Crafts for some lace to make the shoelaces. Ah, fun times.)

  2. My bookworm-itude. Don’t get me wrong: I’m LOVIN’ the daily walks! In fact, during this past week, I’ve walked between two and three miles almost every day. Score! So regular, daily walking is definitely a part of my future. However, given a choice, I’d still rather curl up in a comfy cozy corner with a really good book. Right now I’m a third of the way through Dan Simmon’s “The Abominable,” which I actually purchased in large print hardback, for some reason. I think it was at a library book sale. Not only is it a good read, but I can get my strength training in while I’m reading.
  3. My religiosity. Okay, I know I keep saying this isn’t a religious blog. But I’m a religious person, so sue me. It’s my blog, and my religion. And losing a bunch of weight just makes it easier for me to do things like kneeling and prostrations. We’re Eastern Catholics, similar to Eastern Orthodox, so we don’t kneel every week, but when we do, man, we go all the way down!
  4. My inappropriate love for fried chicken. Yeah, I’ve tried the supposedly healthier grilled, but it’s just not the same as that yummy, delectable, KFC Original Recipe. Mmm mmm. Popeye’s Mild is almost as good. And don’t even get me started on Church’s — my guilty pleasure! Now that I’m doing the calorie counting, I don’t indulge in any of them very often, but once in a while, yeah. I admit it. Greasy chicken skin, my love for you will never die!
    'That'll be 10 bucks please.'
  5. My continuing difficulty in coming up with things for the Friday Five. It’s getting harder every week. I persevere, for you (you’re welcome), and it did help, when I first started blogging, to have this basic format: weigh-ins on Monday, five things on Friday. But now I’m giving serious thought to working without a net (OR Frankie).

(And kudos to you if you get my weird sense of humor. That probably won’t change anytime soon, either.)

Don’t blink! I’ll be back Monday with the regularly scheduled Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-In … and then, who knows? Maybe I’ll even post on Tuesday!
slow blink


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