Friday Five: Groundhog’s Day Edition!


Well, it’s Groundhog’s Day … again …

and since my efforts to ditch the “Friday Five” format seem to have puzzled my stalwart, long-suffering fans, I thought I’d relieve your tension by inviting you to join me in celebrating my FAVORITE secular holiday with five funny GH Day pix! Enjoy!

  1. Since we finally turned off our Christmas lights yesterday, I can kinda relate:
  2. Of course, being a “Doctor Who” fan, I had to include this one.
  3. Someone had to say it.
  4. Retro Groundhog!
  5. The perfect place to celebrate today:
    and tomorrow … if there is a tomorrow …

Well, hope you’ve enjoyed this foray into the wonderful world of Groundhog’s Day! Sorry to tell you that Punxsutawney Phil apparently DID see his shadow this morning (at least according to CNN, but you know how trustworthy *they* are, so maybe check somewhere else to make sure), but always remember:



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