Mid-week interlude: Ash Wednesday and book quiz

Happy Ash Wednesday, everyone!

funny ash.jpg

Not to mention that “other” holiday:


Anyhoo, Amy over at Bibliophile posted this interesting quiz on her blog a week ago, the “This or That Book Tag,” and at first I thought she’d tagged me on it. Then I went back and reread her comment with my eyes a little wider open and saw that, no, she’d tagged three other bloggers and just gave me a shout-out.


Which I appreciate, believe me! It’s nice to be noticed! Thanks, Amy! But meantime, I had already filled out the quiz, so since I have it right in front of me, and it’s all ready to go, I thought I’d just go ahead and post it. If that’s okay. Is it? I don’t want to make any unfounded assumptions or anyth…

get on 2

Okily dokily then!

  1. Reading in bed or on the couch? Depends – if it’s a real (i.e., print) book, couch, definitely. If it’s on my Kindle, bed, for sure! I’ve tried reading printed books in bed and just have trouble balancing them.
  2. Male main character or female main character? Female, usually, but then again, my all-time favorite novel is “David Copperfield,” and David was definitely a guy, although his best pal Steerforth called him “Daisy,” so who knows? Hmm.
  3. Trilogies or quartets? Actually, I prefer septets, like “Harry Potter” or the “Narnia” books.
  4. First person POV or third person POV? I personally prefer the first person POV; however, Christine thinks the third person POV is much more objective.
  5. Sweet snacks or salty snacks? Popcorn, which can be either sweet OR salty, depending on what you dump on it!
  6. Reading at day or night? Daytime, as I’m usually busy at night. (Sleeping!! Get your mind outta the gutter!)
  7. Libraries or bookstores? Until recently I would have said bookstores, but since I started walking regularly, I’m enjoying my visits to the local library. Plus, virtually every library I’ve visited recently has its own used bookstore, anyway, so win-win!
  8. Books that make you laugh or cry? Sometimes you can get both in the same book – hilarious Mr. Micawber’s in the same book with David’s poor tragic mother.
  9. Black books covers or white book covers? I have to confess I don’t really understand this question. I just looked at one of my many bookshelves, and didn’t see any books with only black or only white covers. A lot of them are green or blue. I’m so confused!
  10. Character driven or plot driven? Again, it’s possible to do both – and do it well – Again, Dickens! “David Copperfield!” They don’t write ’em like that any more. (Hmm … maybe I should read something else … )

Since I wasn’t *officially* tagged in Amy’s post, I won’t *officially* tag anyone else, either; however, if you’d like to answer the quiz yourself, please do, and let me know – I’ll link to it in a later post!

That’s all for today! I’ll leave you with a photo I took on a hike through Griffith Park over the weekend. See you Friday!


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