Radiant Happy Bright Monday Weigh-In!

Good morning, everyone! Hope your Easter / Passover / “just plain weekend, dagnabit, I’m not religious!!” went well, and that you’re feeling super-radiant this morning. Like me!


As you can see, I had a pretty good Easter Sunday (or “Pascha” as we Easterners call it … yeah, I know, I’m on the West Coast, but we’re Eastern Catholics, OK? Gee, do I have to explain EVERYTHING?).

That’s me in my new dress which I ordered from Blair a couple of weeks ago, in my new haircut (yay, no more David Lynch!), wearing one of my own handmade paper bead necklaces (pink, for Easter!), and holding about 800 calories worth of goodies in my hot little hands – kielbasa, egg, cheese and OF COURSE, a chocolate cross, because Easter/Pascha, dagnabit!!

I was really hoping I’d be able to make this “Bright Milestone Monday” and brag about how I’d finally dipped under 200 pounds, in spite of all those yummy goodies. Alas, ’twas not to be! That magic moment will have to be postponed till next week (let’s hope!). Still, today wasn’t too bad – at least it was a loss, compared to last week. Ready? Here goes!


So I’m not really too upset. And this week, even though we’re back to eating meat and cheese and dairy and eggs and all that other good stuff, I’m still gonna be counting my calories and exercising. Maybe NEXT week will be Milestone Monday!

Meanwhile, how did YOUR Easter/Pascha/Passover/”just plain weekend” go?


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