Post-Anniversary Chocolate Truffles Weigh-in!

Well, howdy there, friends old and new! As you regulars know, around here, Monday is Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-In Day! So fasten your seat belts, ’cause here we goooo:



Yay, a little bit of a loss there! I wasn’t sure there’d be one at all. See, this past Saturday was our 11th wedding anniversary (thank you, thank you!), and since we’re both simple, tradition-minded souls, we tend to celebrate with FOOD, and lots of it. His mom took us out for a simple breakfast — and you Parks & Rec fans will squeal with delight when you see where we went:


Four ‘N 20 Sherman Oaks, aka “JJ’s Diner”!

And then I baked up a whole mess o’ Trader Joe’s Truffle Brownies. Mmm, good! I was actually planning to get the Reduced Guilt Brownie Mix, but they were out, darn it, so Full Guilt it was. And they’re really good … TOO good, if you know what I mean. What I mean is, I carefully cut them up into 16 brownies, so we’d know when we ate one that it was 200 calories, and then, of course, proceeded to eat about 800 calories worth. What can I say? They’re BROWNIES!! people!


So there you have it. It was a very chocolicious anniversary weekend, which is why I’m surprised I lost any weight at all. Still — worth it!!

Now, before I leave, let’s talk a little about my new gym, shall we? I’m planning to write about it in more detail, maybe later in the week. But right now, I thought you’d enjoy seeing a photo of it I took the other day:


And see the bright orange building in the lower left, just behind the railroad tracks? That’s the world-famous Munch Box in Chatsworth, best known for its chili dogs and for being visited by the late, great Huell Howser on more than one occasion!


A few chili cheese dogs should ensure that I spend a lot of time in the gym, so I’ll definitely write more about Anytime Fitness Chatsworth soon!

Meanwhile, enjoy your Monday — I’m outta here!

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