Friday Five: Now we’re cookin’ with gas (and Spam)!

Happy Friday, everyone, and BOY, have I got a busy day ahead of me! I'm doing a LOT of cooking for two big events this weekend. First, tomorrow (Saturday), Mr. 50by60's side of the family will be getting together to celebrate a bunch of birthdays. I should explain that Mr. 50by60 is one of SEVEN brothers! … Continue reading Friday Five: Now we’re cookin’ with gas (and Spam)!


Rhymin’ Monday Weigh-in: Late start!

Hey, everybody ... (yawn) .... what, is it Monday already? (double yawn) sorry for the late start ... (yawn) ... what can I say? It's cloudy and I haven't had my cofveve yet. Hang on a sec, OK? A'right, lessee ... weigh-in, weigh-in ... yeah, I got that around here somewhere ... here ya go: … Continue reading Rhymin’ Monday Weigh-in: Late start!

Friday Five: hey, I’m famous!

I was debating whether to do a blog post this morning at all. Then I thought I'd do one entitled "No blog post today" with some funny memes to that effect. So I did a search on Google images, titled "no blog post today" memes. Guess what? almost ALL the search results were from MY … Continue reading Friday Five: hey, I’m famous!

Monday Weigh-In: Back to the Grind!

Good morning, everyone! Time to rise and shine, and face the new day, and all that crapola us annoying "morning people" like to say to you lazy stayabeds! Yeah, well, I sympathize! I've noticed the school bus traffic getting heavier so that must mean a lot of people (hey, kids are people too!) going back … Continue reading Monday Weigh-In: Back to the Grind!

Friday Five: My 5 rules for the gym, in no particular order

Well, howdy and happy Friday, everyone! This has been a different week, exercise-wise. Mostly, because the weather was a little cooler (i.e., 80s and 90s instead of 90s and 100s!), I walked every day, and enjoyed it, for the most part (although the last 50 yards are always the hardest!). Still, I did make it … Continue reading Friday Five: My 5 rules for the gym, in no particular order

Weekly Weigh-In: Back to Whatever!

Well, Labor Day week was nice (and short), but this is the first FULL work week for a lot of you, so my sympathies! Mr. 50by60 is definitely not looking forward to it. Still, keep in mind, as you head back to work or school, we're ALSO heading full-tilt towards some of the tastiest and … Continue reading Weekly Weigh-In: Back to Whatever!

Friday Five: How was your short week?

Hey, everyone! Like most of you, Mr. 50by60 and I had a short work week, since Monday was a big holiday here in the Lower 48. (You know, Labor Day -- aka my birthday?) Which means Tuesday was your Monday, right? So Tuesday's Monday, Wednesday's Tuesday, Thursday's Wednesday, and ipso facto ergo sum, today's really … Continue reading Friday Five: How was your short week?

Puttin’ in a plug for my new/old site!

Hey, everyone -- thought I'd let you know that, in addition to continuing this site focusing on my weight loss, I'm also reviving and rescuing one of my beloved OLD websites, "Women Who Run With the Stooges" -- all about, well, women who like the Three Stooges! I had originally created it at Angelfire, and … Continue reading Puttin’ in a plug for my new/old site!

Happy Birthday to Moi!

Since yesterday was my birthday...and since I did indeed lose 50 pounds by my 60th birthday (hence the name of this blog)... I've decided the best present I could possibly give myself is... NO WEIGH-IN TODAY YAYYYY!!! So, pass me another cuppa cofveve, and hand me a slice of birthday cake, 'cause this is it … Continue reading Happy Birthday to Moi!