Super Scary Hallowe’en Weigh-In Edition!

Well, good morning, boys and girls! As you know, it's almost time for the scariest day of the year -- All Hallows Eve!! And Aunt 50by60 has some really scary stuff for you today! First, of course, there's the obligatory Weekly Weigh-in. Well, now THAT can't be too scary! I mean, yeah, I haven't exercised … Continue reading Super Scary Hallowe’en Weigh-In Edition!


Memento mori, so pass the Doritos!

First of all, excuse me if this post makes it sound like I'm depressed or something. Far from it - I'm actually enjoying our beautiful, mild fall weather here in sunny Southern California! But every once in a while, I do wax philosophic! And during the last couple of weeks, Mr. 50by60 and I have … Continue reading Memento mori, so pass the Doritos!

Stray Cat Blues!

Oh yeah! Hmm, I seem to be singin' the blues a lot lately on this blog, don't I? The Summertime Blues, the Not Enough Quarters for the Washing Machine Blues, and of course, everyone's favorite, that seemingly never-ending waltz around "Plateau Point!" This week is a little less tragic - I'm down to: 189.0 A … Continue reading Stray Cat Blues!

Hikin’ up ol’ Treadmill Hill!

Well, good morning, nieces and nephews out in Internetland! Yup, Aunt 50by60's back with another snooze-inducing weigh-in! 189.4 As you can see, things haven't changed around here too much in the last few [checks calendar] months, weight-wise anyway. But take heart! Thanks to the inspiration of a dedicated Pacific Crest Trail thru-hiker named Jeff, who … Continue reading Hikin’ up ol’ Treadmill Hill!

I got the “not enough quarters for the washing machine” blues!

Well, hey there, and a hearty good morning to all my nieces and nephews out there in Blogland! Yes, it's Auntie 50by60, here to entertain you with another edition of "Why Can't I Get Off Plateau Point??" That's right, today's weight is (drum roll please): 189.2 Yep, EXACTLY the same as last week, give or … Continue reading I got the “not enough quarters for the washing machine” blues!