Post-Vacay Rainy Day Weigh!

Welcome back, everyone! Time for my post-Thanksgiving weigh-in — ready? Let’s go for it!

fonz whoa rhymes with o

Hey, up a little, but just a scosche! That’s pretty good, all things considered. I mean, it was Thanksgiving, and as usual, I did indulge a bit over the long holiday/road trip!

pumpkin road trip.jpg

Oh well, that’s OK! I’m getting back on track — even doing a 5k this weekend!


Donate here: Miles for Migraine ! Thanks!

So now that I’m back to basics —

— maybe I can finish out the year regaining my fabulous 50-pound loss! Um, let me rephrase that: re-LOSING, not re-GAINING! Words matter!

Morbid Holiday, David Wade Evans, 2012

Yeah, whatever! Anyway, it’s pouring down rain here, and one of our two cats is happy to be inside. The other, not so much!

So I have a fun day ahead of me! How’s your weather? And your weight loss plan? Feel free to share either of them in the comments! C’mon, I wanna hear from YOU sometimes!

Anyway, have a great week and I’ll see you next time!




One thought on “Post-Vacay Rainy Day Weigh!

  1. Awesome! Best of luck with your goal. What I do for weight loss in a super healthy way is called in terminate fasting. Two days of fasting except for water. Two days of drinking veggie juice. Two days of eating vegetables and one day of splurging into sugar and carbs. Its great for regains of healthy energy and losing those saturated fats. XD

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