Happy Birthday, Donna Lehman Krum!

Hey, guess what today is? That’s right, folks, it’s


And just who is Donna Lehman Krum, you ask? Well, good question! Here’s the answer: she’s one of my cousins (at least I *think* she is — I’m still not 100% sure what the actual cousin-ography line of succession is on that side of the family). Anyway, today’s a big birthday for her, so Donna, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! and here’s your free plug!!!

Oh, and by the way, it’s ALSO apparently my 10th anniversary with WordPress, according to the popup message I got from them when I signed in this morning! Of course, being WordPress, they didn’t make it easy, or even possible, for me to cut & paste the actual message, so I’ll just have to give you an approximation:

wordpress anniversary

That’s the power of blogging, folks! You can say what you like and nobody can stop you!

trump laugh

Except yourself, of course!

trump say what now

And on that note, let me stop blathering and give you this morning’s weight report!

fonz whoa rhymes with o

OK, that’s good — still kinda sorta on that downward trend, one micromillimeter of a pound at a time! Every little bit counts! And, y’know, that sort of thing …

get smart missed

As long as the arrow’s pointing down, I’m OK with it! So go out and celebrate something today — Donna’s birthday, my WP anniversary — or heck, your ability to actually get out of bed this morning!

cat out of bed

I mean, there’s always something good happening to someone, somewhere, right? If it isn’t you, well, it will be at some point!

pollyanna cat

Well, pooh on you, Pessimistic Meme Cat! That’s my philosophy and I’m stickin’ to it — at least till next week! See ya then!

sound of music so long



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