Ooh, so close (but not in a good way) plus a “geezer” joke!

Happy Wednesday, everyone! First, the bad news -- let's get this over with QUICK, shall we? 199.8 Eek! That's wayyy too close to the dreaded 200 for comfort! Still, I'm not going to let it get me down because: All my clothes still fit, I can still go out on walks and hikes without any … Continue reading Ooh, so close (but not in a good way) plus a “geezer” joke!


Never thought I’d say this!

Well, after yet ANOTHER week of NOT doing the kind of exercises that I used to do, and weighing in at -- let's see here: 198.6 ... I'm realizing that, in spite of all the times I've grumped and complained and basically Karen'd about various problems at lo, the many gyms I've belonged to over … Continue reading Never thought I’d say this!

Grok this, babycakes!

Hey everyone! Happy Wednesday! Hope you're doing extra specialerino today! First, I've got a loss! Check it out: 196.0 No, it's véritable, Dwight! (Although if we get any more of that Tillamook Extra Sharp Cheddar, it could all change next week!) Anyway, I've also got some fun news -- I have a new job! Yeah, … Continue reading Grok this, babycakes!

Lazy blogger says what?

Er, I mean, good morning all! How are you doing this fine day? I personally having a bit of trouble coming up with a new idea for a blog post this morning. Hey -- maybe that's a good thing! Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I've lost so much weight that it's all … Continue reading Lazy blogger says what?