Shivery Ash Wednesday!

Good morning, friends and family — and brr, what a cold, shivery morning it is for a lot of you! Sorry to read about all your trials and travails, trying to keep warm out there in Missouri and Kansas and Texas and, you know, basically everywhere except, uh, where *I* happen to be located this fine morning.

But seriously, having grown up in the great state of Misery, I went through enough chilly winters in Kansas City, Sedalia, Joplin and Branson to feel your pain! The good news is spring is coming. Meantime, here’s a free Keep Warm Tip from your Aunt 50by60: try sitting in a corner! Know why?

Because … ready? Corners … ARE 90 DEGREES!!

I know, I know, but y’know, I gotta do something to deflect your attention from my weekly weigh-in, which is (ahem) —


Which is definitely up from last week. However, I’m happy to report that, before writing today’s post, I stumbled across one of my Ash Wednesday posts from two years ago, and I’m about 5 pounds lighter than then, so you know what, I’ll take it! Especially since yesterday was Fat Tuesday, and I did indulge a bit.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Cups MMMMMM!!!

Mmm! A yummy delicacy enjoyed by vegans, sort-of-vegans*, and all-out carnivores alike! Grab ’em while you can, apparently they’re one of those temporary things.

*Oh, and also, um, true confessions — guess that’s me now! The 100% no-compromise vegan thing just wasn’t working for me — again. Those of you who know me know this isn’t my first rodeo (to use a non-animal-rights-friendly metaphor). I like some of the *ideas* behind veganism, but in reality, there are times when a gal just needs a good egg or a hearty tuna sandwich! Not “Tuno”, please — even vegans hate that stuff!

Hmm … wonder how a vegan would even KNOW what wet cat food tastes like?

Anyway, while browsing some old bookmarks, I came across this old “Interview with an Ex-Vegan” on the “Let Them Eat Meat” site and realized — that gal looks AWFULLY familiar!

October 24, 2009, wayyy back in the deep mists of time!

Yep (sigh), I’ve done the “vegan/no longer vegan” thing before. And always for the same reasons — I’m definitely pro-animal rights and anti-factory farming! However, there’s gotta be some way to protest factory farming that doesn’t involve giving up real dairy and real chicken eggs, once in a while. Maybe by going vegan —

Or maybe (bright idea!) by, at the very least, going out of your way not to buy the products of factory farming, when you can!

Non-factory-farmed eggs are a thing — prepared for Easter by Mother Nature!

So anyway, if I tempted anyone to become vegan, that’s okay — do what you need to do for your precious precious bod! And it’s Lent, so technically you should be mostly vegan for a few weeks anyway, so it’s all good, right?

Anyway, vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, pescatarian, omnivore or carnivore, all are welcome here at Aunt 50by60’s Wacky Weight Loss Blog! See you next week! Oh, and here’s a little something for those of you who are shivering in icy climes today:


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