Hey, I’ll take it!

Well, it’s not as big a loss as I was hoping, but you know what? I’ll take it!


I mean, I’ve actually started tracking my calories and other macros again on MyFitnessPal, so I was expecting *some* kind of loss this week. Of course, being a long-time dieter, I was secretly hoping for a lot more, like, y’know, ALL of what I need to lose, all at once! But that’s probably unrealistic, huh?

And I’ve reevaluated my exercise plan, so rather than doing major bouts of exercise which burn massive amounts of calories — which I then wind up eating back almost immediately, plus more!

I’ve started just doing little 10- or 15-minutes bites of cardio, like jumping jacks on the trampoline (staying realll close to that balance bar!) —

and also lifting some of the free weights laying around in the back yard. Heck, you could even make your own, if you’re so inclined:

But the MAIN thing I’m focusing on right now is the calorie counting, because I know from past experience that it DOES work — but only if I actually DO it!

Yeah, like so many problems in our lives, if we think about it, we already know the solution. Sometimes we just need an extra kick-start to make ourselves do it!

Support Dumb Runner!!

And speaking of motivation, I’m going to try, in every blog post from this point, to include at least one book recommendation.

The most popular diet on the market, the one all your friends are doing, is not necessarily the best one for you. Today, it’s keto, which clearly works for some. But is it right for you? There is also intermittent fasting, which someone at your office swears by and describes fasting’s nearly magical ability to burn fat. But when you get into the details of fasting, it just sounds like “skipping breakfast.” What gives?

Scanning through your various social media feeds, you notice some people promoting cleanses and detoxes galore, and it makes you wonder if you have your own depository of toxins building up in your system, slowly poisoning you from the inside out.

But wait, maybe you have some kind of food sensitivity that you need to figure out. Maybe you’re addicted to sugar? Sugar is as addictive as cocaine, right? You keep reading that everywhere to the point that you’re slightly afraid of eating a piece of birthday cake. And to top it all off, you’ve struggled to drop weight over and over again with very short term results.

Maybe you have a slow metabolism? Maybe you were eating so little that your body went into “starvation mode”? What you need is a handbook that breaks down the fundamentals of weight loss science in an easy to read format that gives you actionable steps to start taking today that can help you lose fat (not just weight), and start feeling better as you notice your clothes fitting differently and your aches and pains disappear. You have found that handbook in The Fad Proof Diet. If you buy this book today, you’ll be taking the first step toward changing your life and your waist size forever, and you’ll never get fooled again by the fad of the day.

Sounds interesting, huh? I stumbled across it while debating which fad to let myself get seduced by, now that I’ve decided (right at the beginning of Lent, of course, the most inconvenient possible time) that vegan isn’t really for me.

I get the impression Mr. Green is new to the world of self-publishing, as his author biography starts out:

Hey there–I’m not the Greg Green who writes all the books on how to grow marijuana.


Good to know!! I’d be okay if he were, and frankly I don’t really care which Greg Green wrote it, because it’s actually a very sensible and well-written book chock-full of common sense. I like his point, which others have made as well, that demonizing entire food groups (meat, carbs, sugar, etc.) may well result in weight loss due to you consuming fewer calories, but will ultimately set you up for failure when you give in to the inevitable cravings:

Sometimes, you just want to eat ice cream. And sometimes you just want to eat pizza.

So true! I liked this book so much I may actually return it to Kindle Unlimited and BUY it!!

Hey, I know what I like! Anyway, I highly recommend it if you’re looking for some motivation in printed form! Anyway, that’s all for this week, folks! Have a great week, and remember —


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