Well, my weight’s up, but so is my bank account, so that’s good

So after all my righteous resolutions to count my calories, exercise, etc., I’m still playing the down-one-week-up-the-next game, apparently:


but on the bright side, our stimulus checks hit the bank this morning, so that’s good. Rich and fat go together, right?

So anyway, book review, book review, what am I reading right now? Oh yeah, I got a good one! It’s called “Under the Dome” by Stephen King, from wayyy back in 2009!

And yeah, the Simpsons did the same basic conceit, a whole town encased in a strange unexplainable dome, which is maybe the reason why I never read this one before. Oh no, wait, I did try to read it when it first came out, but was a little confused by the fact that one of the male characters’ last name was Barbara, which meant he was nicknamed “Barbie.”

“Who’s she again?” I kept wondering, when I read about something or other that “Barbie” or “Barbara” had just done, and gave up when my brain couldn’t process the information. However, 10 years and a pandemic where everyone was basically “under the dome” for a while made me remember it, and I gave it another try.

And this time — I TOTALLY got into it! And this time the “Dale Barbara/Barbie” thing didn’t bother me at all. Maybe I just needed that 10 years to get more enlightened or something. I mean, Elliot Page, right?

So anyway, it’s a really good classic Stephen King read, and I’m three-quarters of the way through it so I don’t yet know how it ends so DON’T TELL ME!!

Although if it’s like most of his really really GOOD novels, it’s probably gonna have something to do with the military industrial complex, or maybe, I dunno, extraterrestrials.

But I definitely recommend you give it a read yourself. It’s actually very entertaining, and I do love a good Stephen King story. Even the bad ones can be entertaining, because let’s be honest, even at his worst, King is definitely one of the great American writers of our time.

Yeah, well, I gained a pound and I’m rich, so sue me! (Wait, no, please don’t sue me!! I need that money for cat food!! They won’t stop eating!!)

Anyway, that’s my weight and my book review for the week! How’s everything going with you? Hang in there — by this time next week, Spring will have sprung!!

We’re almost there!!

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