Happy Lazy Bloggers Day! (and yes, I just made that up, don’t bother Googling it)

Good morning, everyone! Well, this should be a GREAT weigh-in! I ponied up the $49.99 for MyFitnessPal PREMIUM, and spent the whole week meticulously logging every single thing that went into my mouf! And every day at the end of the day, I’ve gotten that glorious message about how if every day was like this, I’d weigh way, way less in 5 weeks!

So after a week of honest-to-goodness, let’s-hold-nothing-back, count-ALL-the-macros logging, my weight this morning is (ta da!):


Uh … ‘kay, so it’s UP a bit. That’s okay, right?

I mean, it’s only money, right?

And anyway, maybe I wasn’t doing it right, and anyway anyway, whatever! It’s only been one week. Plus, to be honest, I didn’t log ‘xactly EVERYTHING.

There was that extra cofveve I had with a little extra half-and-half …

and um, y’know that homemade chocolate chip cookie I picked up on a whim?

I mean, I DID log it in, but I only assigned it 100 calories, so bless me, MyFitnessPal, I have sinned!

But as we head into this, the holiest friggin’ week in all of Christendom, I vow to be more honest in my logging!

Anyway, re: the post title today, if you’ve been reading this blog regularly, you know I recently started doing book recommendations. Last week I reviewed the fabulous “Under the Dome” by Stephen King, and yes, I DID finish it, and yeah, the spoilers were mostly correct!

But this week, although I have another fantabulous book to recommend — The Dorito Effect by Mark Schatzker, which both myself and Mr. 50by60 are perusing.

Unfortunately, we’ve both been waking up a little too late in the morning due to the verkakte time change.

So today I’m gonna give myself permission to claim the World’s Laziest Blogger title, and just give you links to a couple of very well-written reviews: The Dorito Effect: Healthy food is blander than ever — and it’s making us fat by Julia Belluz (Vox, 7/30/15), and for you Anglophiles out there, The Dorito Effect: How our approach to food is killing its flavour, in the Globe & Mail, written by Mark Schatzker himself!

Bland corn chips were made tasty by covering them with a variety of chemicals to produce exciting flavours

Both articles are well-written, and hopefully at least one of them will not be behind a paywall for you. I may be lazy but I try to be nice!

gee thanks



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