After the week I’ve had, I’m just happy it’s not up even more!

Yeah, my weight’s up again this week —


— which is almost as much of a gain as last week’s was a loss! Still, given the week I’ve had, I’m just happy it’s not even higher. Let me summarize:

  • Anniversary – as I mentioned last week, Mr. 50by60 and I celebrated our wedding anniversary. Among other things, that meant, of course, that we HAD to visit an Italian restaurant and scarf down as much Michelangelo gnocchi in cream sauce with fresh Parmesan lathered on top, and tiramisu, and of course, red red wine.
  • Sad Cat News – on the opposite side of the “happy reasons to overeat” meter, we had to say goodbye to yet another feline member of our household, a scruffy but loveable old tomcat we’d named Little Brother, because he was so skinny and small when he took over our living room that we thought he was a kitten, till the vet told us otherwise. Unfortunately, Li’l Bro had some major physical problems, so we had to let him go into the light.
So long, Li’l Bro!

Which was super sad, so naturally I had to console myself somehow. But on the bright side, I just learned a new word!!

So you see, between the ups of the anniversary and the downs of the kitty euthanasia, I’m willing to give myself a pass on the weight gain — this week, anyway! Next week, though, I fully expect to be heading in the right direction once again! I mean, y’know, as long as nothing ELSE happens!

No!! I can’t keep blaming my weight gain on the calendar! Time to take some responsibility for my own actions! So here we go — into a much better, calorie-counting and gym-visiting week!

Well, I’m interested — plus, I joined a new gym!! Remind me to tell you about it when I see you again next week!


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