Keeping this short, as Manny, Moe, and Jack are waiting for me!

Hi and welcome back (to me!)! *

Yes, it’s been two whole weeks since last we spoke (wrote) and unfortunately I gotta keep this a little short since I have an appointment at Pep Boys this morning to give my venerable 50by60-mobile a li’l ol’ inspection.

I’m trying to decide if I should keep it running for another year/20,000 miles (it’s at 184,000 miles so I’d kinda like to see it top that 200,000 mark), or just give in to the borg and trade it in on something newer and snazzier.

But before I decide, I’ll find out if my good ol Toyota’s *capable* of lasting that long. I personally think it is! I’ve had it since 2005 and with a few exceptions, it’s started every time I turned the key, which is really all I ask of a car, to be honest. That and having a working AM radio. (FM is a nice bonus, but I can live without it.)

So we’ll see what Manny, Moe, and Jack (not to be confused with My Boyz!!) have to say.

(and be sure to check out my OTHER web page, which hasn’t been updated since 2018 but y’know, a girl has priorities, nyuk nyuk!

Meanwhile, my weigh-in since vakay is uncomfortably higher than I’d like it to be:


Ouch!!! Too much high livin’ in Phoenix, I guess! Oh well, now that I’m home and back on The Program (whatever it may actually be), I think it’ll back down quicker than a Qanon** follower’s IQ!

That’s it for now – gotta run (well, drive, actually)! See ya next week!

* (and by the way, whenever I say “Hi and welcome back!” I’m channeling two of my favorite media personalities, Cassidy McGillicuddy (“Captain Cassidy”) of the “Roll to Disbelieve” blog at Patheos, and Ashleigh Burton (“Awkward Ashleigh”) who does the incredibly fun “Millennial Movie Mondays” at YouTube. Check ’em out!)

( **and speaking of the dreaded Q, be sure to check out HBO’s new documentary series, “Into the Storm” — it’s really fascinatingly disturbing!)


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