The vakay weight is gone, but the credit card bills linger on!

Hi everyone, and welcome back! Well, to end your suspense from last week’s post, I got the repairs done on the 50by60-mobile, and it set me back a couple of thou, so I’ve decided to keep the ol’ beater going for another year. And yeah, that and the fabulous luxury vacation I just got back from,* does add to my credit card debt, but it’s still cheaper than buying a new (or even gently used) car, so I’ll manage.

As for the weight– well, I don’t know about you, but somewhere along the line– maybe in the Official Sensible Online Diet Gurus’ Handbook (issued by the International Federation of Online Knowitalls, copyright 1993)– I got the idea that when you’re on a Weight Loss Journey tm, you’re not supposed to get all excited about losing more than, say, one or two pounds a week. As you probably know, the more or less official rules of the Sensible Dieting world state very clearly that you may NOT encourage dieters to aspire to the loss of more than one or two pounds per week! Of course, a lot of those Sensible Dieting rules don’t hold up under the onslaughts of real life!

Still, I’m all in for Sensible Dieting, and as someone who grew up idolizing the late, great Karen Carpenter**, whose life was tragically cut way too short due to her struggles with anorexia– I would never EVER encourage anyone to do anything that might trigger that kind of life-altering trauma. The world needs you! Please stick around as long as you can!

Now that I’ve gotten all THAT out of the way, ta-da– here’s the weigh-in:


Michael Coughlan Graffiti: Woo Hoo! 2016,

Yeah baby, that’s quite a precipitious drop from last week, i’nt it? And naturally, I don’t expect anything like this every week. As Sensible Diet Gurus everywhere are required to say whenever this happens:

And yeah, I get that! I get that those big fluctuations in our weight are, most of the time, water and not fat. I get that there’s no way I gained @ 3 pounds of FAT while I was on vakay, and then lost @ 3 pounds of FAT since I got home. Fat takes a lot longer to lose and it’s a more subtle change.

Doctor Who, “Partners in Crime,” Catherine Tate & David Tennant

Still, given that we are basically just fleshy, sentient water containers, losing a little of that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! And seeing the numbers go up and down on the scale a little more dramatically, from time to time, can give you that little extra kick of motivation you need.

So I, for one, welcome this big gargantuan loss of (let’s see) [checks calculator] a whopping 3.8 pounds since last week! As I said in the post title, that’s all the “vacation weight” gone.

So now, I just have to pay off the credit card bills– an area where dramatic drops are NOT discouraged, by Sensible Diet Gurus or anyone else! Although it probably wouldn’t hurt to be a LITTLE more frugal– ? Nahh!!

Oh well, it’s only money, right? Which reminds me– we’ve got three plumbers coming over this morning to replace our garbage disposal (which gave up the ghost after one too many rejected bowls of chicken and liver cat food, apparently), so I’d better get crackin’. See ya next week!

(*Fun fact 1: Phoenix is super cheap in summertime, because, well, it’s summertime and it’s Phoenix! But hey, if you really HAVE to go there, at least you’ll save some money, which is good because you’ll need some medical care for those third-degree burns when you get home!)

(**Fun fact 2: I had just moved to Southern California when the news broke, and thinking this was a normal thing people did in California, I went to her funeral. Later in life, I realized that going to celebrity funerals was a very “fan-girl” thing that “real Angelenos” looked down their noses at, but I still went out to join the crowds when Michael Jackson’s funeral entourage passed through downtown L.A. Guess I’ll never be a real Angeleno, oh well!)


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