That’s so c̶r̶a̶z̶y̶ sensible it just might work!

Well, I’m a little down today–

No! Not that way! I’m actually happy today BECAUSE I’m a little down!

Urgh– I mean, my WEIGHT is down!


Get it? Anyway, it’s taken me several years of blogging to figure this out, but last week, instead of posting my weight and then immediately heading out to Yogurtland to either celebrate or console, as has been my wont*, I instead decided to just stick to my calorie counting and MyFitnessPal and exercise plan and whatnot**, without giving myself any “food rewards,” which usually wind up resulting in a gain the day AFTER the weigh-in, sparking a cycle of weight gain till late Sunday afternoon, when I realize I better pull myself together before Wednesday so I won’t have TOO much of a gain!

And I guess that worked pretty well, since my daily weigh-ins (off the record, please! a gal’s gotta have SOME privacy) have been pretty steady during the past 7 days.

Yeah, I know, who woulda guessed eating sensibly and not binging on yummy M&M’s and ice cream and Magic Shell and whatnot would actually result in weight loss? Go figure. Anyway, since that seems to be working, I’m gonna try it again this week, and see if the numbers keep going down.

Oh, and I have another author recommendation, part of what I guess I should call my “New Writers Who Actually Aren’t New But I Never Read Them Before So They’re New To Me” series, a guy named Joe Hill.

Last week, I read one of his short stories, “20th Century Ghosts” (in a book by the same name) about a time-traveling library bookmobile, and loved it! “Where’s this guy been all my life?” I wondered, and of course, it turns out that, as with Connie Willis, he’s been around for decades, has written tons of short stories and novels, won tons of awards, and oh by the way, his dad is also a well-known writer… guy named Stephen King.

And I actually kinda knew that, but being that, as a baby boomer, I still think of Stephen King as a “young” writer, it’s a little hard to wrap my head around the idea that he’s got a kid who’s pushing 50. But time marches on, and it’s great to know that the kid is just as talented as Daddy and almost as prolific, which gives me yet another excuse to hit the used bookstores (which, apropos*** to this blog, makes a great “non-food” weight loss reward! try it yourself!).

So there you go, a weight loss tip (stick to your plan!) AND a weight loss reward tip (support your local bookstore!), all in one post!**** I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted from all this winning!

See y’all next week!

*”wont” – noun; one’s customary behavior in a particular situation. Not to be confused with “won’t,” a contraction.

**”whatnot” – noun; used to refer to an item or items that are not identified but are felt to have something in common with items already named.

***”apropos” – preposition; with reference to; concerning.

****Not to mention all the free vocabulary lessons!


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