I know I say this every week, but…

Hey, everyone! I know I say this every week, but I really do have to keep this short ‘n sweet (like me, hee hee)!

Reason being I have a doctor’s appointment this morning, so I don’t wanna get all caught up in the adrenaline of writing a killer blog post and wind up being late or anything.

It’s not for the colonoscopy I mentioned last week, though. THAT was a bust!

No, not that kind of bust! (Although it IS a consultation for a mammogram, so … )

No, AFTER I drove around the block looking for parking and AFTER I found my way to their office in the BASEMENT fercryinoutloud,

the stupid doctor’s stupid office staff told me (a) they didn’t make in-office appointments so obviously I didn’t pay attention to whoever made the appointment when I called them on the phone, and (b) they didn’t have me in their system so obviously I didn’t make an appointment and was just there to make their lives difficult, but (c) out of the goodness of their hearts, they might be able to give me an appointment — in OCTOBER.

So as you can imagine, I was not a happy camper!

I stomped off in a huff,

called my primary care doctor, and fully expect to get a referral to a completely different doctor, in a completely different part of town, in … uh … [checks watch] October?

Sigh! HMOs suck, don’t they? Anyway, the one I’m seeing today is someone I have actually talked to, in person (well, on the phone) before and she sounds way nicer, so hopefully it’ll be a vast improvement! Although I still expect to pay for parking – can’t get away from that!

Anyway, the good news is my weight is down.


Oh, and I’ll talk more about this next week, but I’m on day 5 of giving up the frightfully addictive, bad bad bad for you, and oh-so-delish Diet Coke!

See ya next week with all the deets!


One thought on “I know I say this every week, but…

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