Pumpkin spice time again!?

Hey, everyone! First, the weight – it’s up a tad:


but I’m actually okay with that, as it was MUCH higher earlier in the week. Now that the weather is finally cooling down a bit so’s we’re not actually melting every time we set foot out the front door,

and it’s actually possible to go for walks outside, instead of on the treadmill

I might actually be able to finally dip down below 200 again!

Don’t know if you remember this, but earlier this summer, when my weight was hovering around 204, I optimistically expressed my goal to lose 5 pounds before my birthday (9/2) and thus achieve that dip. Didn’t happen!

But I still think it could happen before … well … maybe Christmas? (Or maybe Orthodox Christmas!)

Whatever! So I’ll keep plugging away at the calories and the exercise and whatever and whatnot, and we’ll give it a shot!

And I’m keeping this post (relatively) short since it is actually cloudy and cool outside, so who knows? If it doesn’t blast back up to 95 by the time I finish my cofveve, I may actually be able to enjoy Nature’s Treadmill today! So hang in there – and hope YOU have a fandamntastic day, as we FINALLY transition back to Pumpkin Spice Everything!!


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