My brain is not cooperating!

Well, hey, everyone! I’m sorry to say my weight has gone up yet again this week, a whopping


and to be honest, I’m kinda wondering if my brain is just not processing the orders I’m giving it correctly. I mean, several times in the past few weeks, I’ve told it that I want to LOSE weight, and preferably get below 200 pounds by, oh, I dunno, Christmas, or at least Orthodox Christmas?

But instead, my brain seems to have (mis)interpreted that command and is going UP! Silly brain!

So I think we’re gonna have to have a li’l talk, Brainie and I, sorta like when Ward Cleaver sat down with Beaver and explained how things worked in real life.

And like the Beav, I always “kinda sorta” have an explanation for my misbehavior, even if it’s “kinda sorta” lame.

And this week, I did have a bit of a stressor — had my very first ever MRI***!! If you’ve never had one, well, they’re both claustrophobic AND loud!

And since I’d never had one before, I made an “executive decision” to try and keep myself from overly stressing out, during the week beforehand, by indulging every little whim my mind/body combination came up with.

And I guess it worked, ’cause the MRI actually went fine — nowhere near as bad as I thought it would be (mostly just incredibly boring!!). And now, today, the biggest stressor I have to deal with is taking a reluctant cat (Buddy) to the vet this afternoon for his follow-up appointment, which I stressed poor Mr. 50by60 about on Monday because I mistakenly thought that was the day.

So there you go, all sorts of good excuses for the fact that my weight has been zooming UP instead of DOWN as commanded! But this coming week, I’m determined to get things back to (semi-)normal!

If nothing else, at least I’ll cut back on the doughnuts

Let’s find out if that worked, ‘kay?

***To be specific, it was a breast MRI. Face down, feet first. Not fun but not horrible either! If your doctor wants you to get one and you’re hesitant, go for it. The worst part, for me, was the $100 co-pay!


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