This was unexpected, sorta like a rabbit in the front yard!

Welp, I was all set to apologize for yet another weight gain, but my scales surprised me this morning!


Actually down a bit since last week, so that was a pleasant surprise. Sorta like the rabbit that popped up in our front yard this past week!

No, no, this one’s not quite as bad as Monty Python’s infamous Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog!! Nah, this one’s a pretty, light-brown color, and looks relatively laid back as rabbits go. And technically, it’s hanging out more in our neighbor’s yard (hi Cindy!) than ours, so we don’t really have any responsibility for it, other than, y’know, the fact that, as my fellow cradle Catholics will understand, we’re responsible for EVERYTHING really.

Still, I’m actually not too worried about it because (a) again, it’s in Cindy’s yard, not ours, and (b) it’s about three times bigger than our cat Pumpkin, and approximately the same size as our battleship-sized cat Buddy, so I doubt either of them will be attempting to bring us home some rabbit stew anytime in the near future.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted on the rabbit, as well as all the other urban wildlife that hangs out in our little corner of the world.

Meanwhile, it’s been a while since I’ve given you a book recommendation, and today I’ve got a really good one! It’s called “The Woman Who Fooled The World: Belle Gibson’s cancer con, and the darkness at the heart of the wellness industry,” by Beau Donnelly and Nick Toscano.

It’s all about this Australian woman who garnered all sorts of sympathy (not to mention $$$!!) by claiming she had conquered her terminal brain cancer (!) by eating healthy foods. The really sad (and scary) thing is that a whole lot of people believed her, too, which says a lot about the state of our world today.

But the book is really well-written and engaging (I polished it off in a couple of days!) so I really recommend it. It’s a good reminder to be very, very, VERY skeptical of any kind of health information or advice or, well, just about anything else you read on the Internet!

Anyway, I was able to check it out from my library via Overdrive if you’re a cheapskate like me! Let me know what you think of it, or share a story about another health/wealth scammer you may have encountered online.


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