Aw crap, looks like it’s cancer, dagnabit! (a less-than-inspirational post title, but then again, it’s a less-than-inspirational disease, ain’t it?)

Hi everyone! Well, if you’re in my circle of family and Facebook friends, you’ve already heard the bad news. Now it’s time to let you, my faithful blog followers, know as well. And I was sure I could come up with a better title, like maybe, “From Weight Loss to Cancer: A New Journey,” or “Hiking the Carcinoma Highway,” or “Pilgrimage to Wellness.” You know, something “inspirational.”

But to be honest, I’m not in the mood to be inspirational — I’m too annoyed! Because yeah, to answer last week’s burning question, this blog IS about to transition from “Middle-Aged Lady Who Lost Some Weight” to “Middle-Aged Lady Who Wants To Show You Her X-Rays” — and frankly, I for one could live without that!

Unfortunately, though, life happens, and according to my doctor, who phoned me last Thursday, I’ve got the Big C, or more specifically, “invasive ductal carcinoma, moderately differentiated.”

(mine is the most popular kind!)

So pardon me if I say a big, fat cuss word!!

It’s definitely gonna put a crimp in my plans, although to be honest I didn’t really have anything specific going on except, you know, life and stuff!

And I’m definitely not ready to start prattling about my “journey” through cancer. Oh, and by the way, isn’t it funny how both weight loss and cancer are described as “journeys”? How come no one ever talks about their “ingrown toenail journey”? That’s pretty painful too!

So if nothing else, I promise you that, while I WILL be talking a lot about my breast cancer, and whatever treatments I’m undergoing for it, I will NOT be any more inspirational than absolutely necessary! And I won’t be turning all my background colors and/or fonts pink, either! I mean, while it’s a nice color and everything, it’s not really one of my personal faves!

Let’s face it, cancer sucks! And I’m not looking forward to dealing with it. But that doesn’t mean my blog has to suck too, right?

So if you’ve enjoyed all my terribly funny (or just plain terrible) memes about weight loss, Trump, and other scary subjects, don’t worry! I’ll continue to incorporate my weird sense of humor into all my upcoming posts, even if I’m delivering terribly depressing news.

For now, though, let me just say that I’ve really enjoyed writing about dieting and weight loss for lo, these many [checks watch] months? years? whatever (I’ve kinda lost track) and will always take pride in the fact that I DID manage to lose 50 pounds before my 60th birthday — and for the most part, have kept most of it off!

So here’s my LAST Rhymin’ Weekly Weigh-In (for a while):


And I think that’s the perfect place to end it, don’t you? Especially since I have yet to ingest even one drop of covfefe yet this morning!

block print by artnoose (

And now, it’s time to start a new — what? Hmm, how about a road trip? I love road trips!

Okay then, here we go on a Road Trip to Cancer City!

Yeah, I know, that’s pretty sad! Well, I’ll try to come up with something better NEXT week, when (hopefully) I’ll also have some more details on my diagnosis. Take care!!


3 thoughts on “Aw crap, looks like it’s cancer, dagnabit! (a less-than-inspirational post title, but then again, it’s a less-than-inspirational disease, ain’t it?)

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