Still waiting for a surgical date, so here’s another blog to read instead!

Hey everyone! Yes, I’m still tapping my toes, waiting like a barely patient “Karen” for my surgical date.

Okay, it’s not QUITE that bad! The authorizations are trickling in via the USPS, so I know it’ll happen eventually (though perhaps not before Christmas as I’d originally hoped). So I’m trying to stay busy, buying lots of yarn and (finally!!) learning to crochet a “granny square”! (I’m not gonna embed it because it’s so long, but the BEST YouTube video I’ve found on how to do them is The Nervous Knitter‘s “Crochet Granny Square – ABSOLUTE BEGINNER” so do check it out!)

It helps pass the time and relieve stress, except when I get things a little tangled up.

Meantime, since I really have nothing new to report, how’s about reading another blog which I’ve referenced here before? Jay at AWorkoutRoutine is still coming up with useful tips on how to build and sustain a healthy lifestyle, and this morning he sent out a mailer referencing something he called “PECS.”

That’s what I thought, too, but no! I did a quick search on his blog and found what he was talking about, in the post titled “How To Get And Stay Motivated” from February 8, 2021:

Step 3: Make Sure Your Habits Are “PECS”

PECS is the cute little acronym I came up with a few years ago that stands for Preferable, Enjoyable, Convenient, and Sustainable.


And one of the most important things you can do when choosing which diet and workout habits to build is make sure you choose habits that are as PECS for you as possible.

Here’s an example of what that means.

Let’s say you know you can make it to the gym to workout 3 days per week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. This is your ideal workout schedule, because it’s convenient and fits best into your everyday life.

So for you, this workout schedule is PECS.

However, you decide to go to the gym 5 times per week instead because you assume “more is better,” or you saw some advanced 5-day workout routine that looked cool, or whatever the reason may be.

Do you know what’s going to happen?

You’re going to fail to build this workout habit.

Why? Because it’s not PECS.

Here’s another example.

Let’s say you love carbs (rice, potatoes, bread, etc.), but yet you’ve decided to try to lose weight by following a low carb diet.

Once again, this isn’t going to work out well, because you’re doing things that aren’t PECS for you. A low carb diet will just make things significantly harder for you than they need to be (and unnecessarily so, because a low carb diet isn’t remotely needed for losing weight).

These are just two examples of many, but the point here is simple.

Don’t just try to build habits.

Try to build the right habits. #PECS

Really good stuff, Jay! Very sensible and geared to how people live in Reality Land, as always. Be sure to check out his other articles as well! Meantime, I’m outta here – hopefully NEXT week I’ll have some more info!!


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