I’ve got a date!

Hey, everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying this lovely time, the last few days till Christmas, when it’s pretty much too late to expect anything to be shipped on time but you keep your hopes alive anyway, because darn it all, your second cousin once removed NEEDS that fruitcake!

(Hi Becky!!)

And I’m relieved to report that I’ve been given a ballpark estimate for my surgery, probably on or near January 3rd. Yes, that’s right – my surgery is (maybe) going to be on the first Monday of the New Year, when presumably all the doctors and medical personnel have gotten all the alcohol out of their systems.

It’s still not 100% certain, since the person who’s supposed to call me with all the exact data hasn’t yet called me, but she did say, last time I called her, that my surgeon was determined to get a whole bunch of surgeries done during the first week of 2022, so theoretically mine will be among them.

And meanwhile, I’m doing my part to prepare by staying relatively active, healthy, and emulating Donald Trump!

That’s right, like our former President, I got my booster shot yesterday! (Nobody booed me, though!)

So far, no side effects that I can tell, other than that hump on my left shoulder (or is it my right?).

Anyway, that’s all I got! But at least I have some idea of when I might possibly get sliced & diced, so I can kinda sorta maybe make some plans, possibly.

Hopefully I’ll know even more NEXT week, so meanwhile, let me wish all my beloved readers a blessed Christmas, peaceful Solstice, happy Hanukah (and yeah, I know Hanukah’s already happened, so sue me!), or, if you’re an atheist, a nice weekend!

See ya next week (which will still be 2021, so I can’t yet make the joke about “seeing you next year,” but you KNOW I will, so forewarned is forearmed!)!


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