Last post BEFORE!

Hey everyone! My surgery is scheduled for this Friday at 9:30 a.m., so unless there’s some unforeseen delay, next week’s blog will be chock-full of gruesome, gory medical melodrama!

(Okay, I’m not having plastic surgery, but this made me laugh, so sue me!)

And I’m going to keep this post relatively short because, while of course I’m hoping for the best outcome,

as we saw this week, even the great Betty White was not immune to the Grim Reaper! So like her, I’ve decided to just enjoy every day I get! And since we’re currently enjoying some beautiful, almost spring-like weather here in sunny Southern California right now.

I really want to go outside and “do stuff” in case I don’t feel like it for a while afterwards!

Of course, I might just breeze right through and be up and at’em within minutes, but I always plan for the worst case scenario.

And apparently my doctors do as well, since I couldn’t help but notice that the hospital where I’m getting my surgery is located right across the road from a big giant cemetery, which I’m sure is very convenient.

Although it doesn’t necessarily inspire confidence in the patients! Still, it looks clean and relatively modern, so I’m sure everything will be just peachy keen!

And whether it is or not, I promise, you, my faithful blog readers will be the [checks list] 1,735th to know! So hang in there, see you in a week, and hope YOUR week goes well!


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