Finally getting the ol’ zap-a-roonies!!

Hey everyone! Sorry to be late with the post this morning, but it was super cold here in sunny Southern California last night, so I indulged in a little extra snuggle time this a.m. But here I am, wide awake and ready to face the day! And speaking of fallout, you'll be thrilled to hear … Continue reading Finally getting the ol’ zap-a-roonies!!


Removing one of my self-proclaimed titles!

Welp, as of this morning my weight is an astonishing 222.2, a full 12 pounds up since my last official weigh-in here on this very blog, wayyyy back in the deep mists of time (November 10, 2021 to be exact!!) Ah yes, gather 'round, kids, while I tell you about the good ol' days, when … Continue reading Removing one of my self-proclaimed titles!

Moldy Wednesday!

Well, good morning, everyone! Hope you're all having a scintillatingly fandamtastic Wednesday so far! It's been a semi-eventful week on the "Road to Cancer City," starting, as you may remember, with last week's blog where I reported I was heading out for an actual, 3D, in-person road trip, and I did! I saw my new … Continue reading Moldy Wednesday!

Just another in-between Wednesday!

Hey everyone, sorry to have deprived you of my glorious presence last week! Not that kind of presence, you clodpate! I meant my aura, my companionship, my ubiety, if you will! Nothing was wrong, I actually felt really good and didn't feel like hopping on the computer to write a blog. So I took a … Continue reading Just another in-between Wednesday!