Just another in-between Wednesday!

Hey everyone, sorry to have deprived you of my glorious presence last week!

Not that kind of presence, you clodpate! I meant my aura, my companionship, my ubiety, if you will!

Nothing was wrong, I actually felt really good and didn’t feel like hopping on the computer to write a blog.

So I took a blogging break, but I’m back now, ready to embiggen you with my wordleness!

Anyway, today I’m back and I’m in kind of an in-between space.

This afternoon I’m heading up to beautiful downtown Valencia, home of Magic Mountain, most famous to non-Californians as “Walley World” in National Lampoon’s Vacation (the original, good one!)!

However, I’m not going to Walley World, but to see my #1 oncologist, who’s actually replacing my original #1 oncologist, who is apparently LEAVING THE COUNTRY!! and thus won’t be able to see any more patients, and being Catholic, of course I can’t help feeling a little guilty about that.

I mean, my doctor would rather leave the country than see me again? That hurts! But not as much as the surgery (ha ha!).

Anyway, the NEW #1 oncologist comes highly recommended by my #2 oncologist, the one who will actually be doing the radiation when and if the #1 oncologist actually signs off on it.

Don’t worry! Everything’s under control!

Oh, and since my appointment time is 3:45 PM, I’ve made an executive decision not to fight the horrendous rush hour traffic home afterwards, but stay in a posh, swanky hotel instead. Well, as posh and swanky as I can afford! I’m using some “points” to pay for it, points which I’ve been hoarding since 2020, so even though it’s almost in my own backyard, I’m gonna make the most of this mini-vakay!

So the SECOND this blog hits the interweb, I’m packin’ my overnight bag and headin’ out! (Okay, maybe not the SECOND … after breakfast, ‘kay? At least after cofveve! I mean, road trips do involve driving, so theoretically I should be awake for that.) Next week I should have more info about my treatment plan. Unless, of course, I send THIS doctor out of the country too.

Either way, see ya next week! And oh, and by the way, how could I forget??? HAPPY GROUNDHOG DAY!


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