Moldy Wednesday!

Well, good morning, everyone! Hope you’re all having a scintillatingly fandamtastic Wednesday so far!

It’s been a semi-eventful week on the “Road to Cancer City,” starting, as you may remember, with last week’s blog where I reported I was heading out for an actual, 3D, in-person road trip, and I did! I saw my new #1 oncologist, who reminded me a bit of the late Tim Conway’s “Old Man” character, inasmuch as he was a little befuddled.

He kept asking me (and the very patient women at the front desk) why my pathology report didn’t say anything about the lymph nodes, even though I told him that the first thing my surgeon said to me when I came out of surgery was that my lymph nodes were clear. I guess he needed to see it in writing, rather than hear it from me, the person who was ACTUALLY THERE AT THE TIME.

Finally, the nice lady at the front desk gently advised him that the lymph node report was actually a separate piece of paperwork which her counterpart at the surgeon’s office was in the process of faxing to her right this very moment, which actually took another 10 minutes but y’know, fax machines, amIright?

Honestly, though, I wasn’t really mad at him or anything, since I’m quite aware the poor guy had just taken over for my previous #1 oncologist, who, as I reported last week, had decided to amscray out of the ountrycay for reasons unknownay (er, okayay, that’s enough igpay atinlay for one ayday!!).

So he was pretty well overburdened, and given the circumstances, I was happy just to get in, and out, in less than an hour. The upshot is, he approved me for radiation, and also recommended I take this weird pill called Arimidex, because I’m hormone-receptor-positive, and since I’m naturally an optimist, I’ve chosen to consider that a good thing!!

Also, I’m supposed to take this verkakte (alt. spelling fakakta)

pill every day for FIVE YEARS, me who can’t even remember to take my daily vitamins, so we’ll see how that goes. Also, I’m ambivalent about the Arimidex since it apparently has some weird side effects. But then again, doesn’t everything these days?

(And YES I see that the memist misspelled the word “effects,” but ya know, you take what you can get in this life!!)

But I’ll have plenty of time to angst over it, while getting zapped with gamma rays or whatever (though if I start sprouting petals, I’m outta here!).

Speaking of getting zapped, my OTHER appointment during the past week was on Monday at The City of Hope, where I got a CT scan and my very own mold!

Yep, that’s right, I was measured and tatted (4 blue dots in random places on my bod) and otherwise put in my proper place for the upcoming radiation treatments, so whenever they actually START,

the nice techs will know exactly where to zap, so’s I don’t accidentally turn into Spiderman or something.

So remember, somewhere out there, there’s a mold with your name on it! And on that note, I’m done blogging for the week, as I plan to enjoy my freedom to roam about the Valley until such time as I start my every-day-five-days-a-week-zapping-regimen! See ya next time, when theoretically I’ll have even MORE updates!


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