Removing one of my self-proclaimed titles!

Welp, as of this morning my weight is an astonishing 222.2, a full 12 pounds up since my last official weigh-in here on this very blog, wayyyy back in the deep mists of time (November 10, 2021 to be exact!!) Ah yes, gather ’round, kids, while I tell you about the good ol’ days, when Betty White and Bob Saget were still alive, and prices at the Dollar Store still hovered at or near a dollar, give or take a few cents!

I mean, that’s 12 pounds gained in [checks abacus] a little over three months, my friends. Kinda sucky!

So I guess I have to remove my 100% self-proclaimed crown of Best Weight Loss Guru On The Planet, At Least Within This Particular Blog Space!!

But as the great philosopher Homer once opined, hope springs internal, so I’m not going to let this bring me down! Nope, I’m just gonna keep pluggin’ along, doin’ what I’m s’posed to be doin’, and keepin’ a song in my heart!

Well, maybe not THAT one! Although it’s a good one to keep bookmarked in case you ever get an earworm, like I gave myself earlier this week, listening to the late great Johnny Cash’s cover of Nine Inch Nail’s “Hurt” which I won’t embed here ’cause I don’t want my readers sobbing uncontrollably, at least not till they finish reading my post! After that, feel free!

Well, sorry! Believe me, I want to keep it as short as possible, too! So let me just finish by saying I STILL have no news about a date for my radiation treatments starting. However, I looked online and found that the standard time between lumpectomy and radiation is four to six weeks, so since my surgery was on Jan. 7 and today is [checks almanac] Feb. 16, that means it’ll probably be more in the six-week range, so I won’t worry about it till NEXT week (and neither should you)! See ya then!


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