Household Chess Master (Mistress?), and oh yeah, Cancer Survivor, Baby!!

Hey, everyone! Ever since my hubby and I watched “The Queen’s Gambit” on Netflix last year, he’s been patiently teaching me the Art of the Board.

And most of the time he wins, since he’s been playing way longer than me. But today, I won — let’s see — four times? Five? I think we kinda lost count!

So anyway, I’m now the Beth Harmon of the House, at least temporarily! Oh, and in other news, this morning my doctor at City of Hope used the word “cured” in connection with my cancer.

I mean, that seems pretty phenomenal to me! Doesn’t it to you? I’m still taking the Arimidex for the next five years (let’s see, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year, minus the 8 days I’ve already taken it — ooops, forgot Leap Year)

But hey, I’m pretty happy about it! I mean, it feels like I dodged a whole bunch of bullets all along this Road Trip to Cancer City (which Google Search wants to interpret as “Road Trip to Kansas City,” which I’ve actually done, but no. No, Google!)

So now I guess I transition back to real life, whatever that is, right? And as for the blog — well, I’ve had some come-to-Jesus moments lately about whether or not to go back to the dieting/weight loss stuff.

I’ll tell you more next week. But now — as part of that transition to real life — I gotta go get my tires rotated! See ya next week!!


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