A Peek Behind The Blogger’s Curtain

Well, good morning, friends and well-wishers everywhere!

And a very happy Pride Month to all my LGBTQAI+ peeps! As a supporter of Body Positivity, I hereby proclaim this blog a bigotry-free zone!

So getting to the blog title, if you’re one of the handful of peeps who actually read this blog the morning I post it (hi Margaret!! hi Laura!! hi Garold!! hi Steve!!), you may have noticed that I’m a little late posting this to Facebook today. Well, that’s because I’m late in writing it, period!

And here’s the “inside baseball” reason why!

Over the past few months, basically ever since I stopped doing the Weekly Weigh-In, I’ve started writing my blog post on Tuesday. Not always the whole thing, but enough of it so that on Wednesday morning I can just plug in whatever is missing and post it.

And sometimes — sometimes I DO write the whole thing on Tuesday, and just schedule it to be published on Wednesday morning, so I can sleep in, snug and secure in the knowledge that the Interweb is taking care of everything!

But yesterday, I actually went out and did a nice long walk, went to a used bookstore, came home, sat down to read (right now, I’m devouring Max Brooks’ World War Z),

and just lost track of the time, till it was really too late in the day to expend any further brain power.

So I decided to go “old school” and just write the fakakta thing this morning.

And now that you know “the rest of the story,” it’s time for me to get outta here! See ya next time!


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