Good morning, world! Time for a cancer update!

Hey, guess what?

It’s been five months plus one day since my lumpectomy!

So I thought I’d just let you know how I’m doing, boob-wise.

My scar is still very visible but seems to be healing nicely. Actually, I have two of them, one right on the booby itself and one under the arm from the lymph node whatchamacallit thingy.

I do occasionally have a little pain under there, especially after I’ve done a strenuous workout which these days, let’s face it, can be pretty much carrying the groceries in from the car.

But the pain is never more than “annoyance level,” so I don’t even bother taking anything for it. Well, the occasional shot of brandy, for medicinal purposes!

Some days I do feel a bit fatigued, so I give myself permission to just droop on the recliner and binge-watch something.

But I try not to do that any more than necessary, mainly because I’m afraid if I get too comfy I’ll never want to get up again!

On days when I’m home, I actually set an alarm on my handy-dandy phone device so I don’t plant myself in any one area for more than an hour at a time.

And on days when I’m out, I make sure I get *some* kind of exercise. Ideally, that’s either the gym or a nice long walk out in Mother Nature. However, some days I just don’t feel like doing either, or Mother Nature is being less cooperative than usual, so on those days, I just find me some sort of giant air conditioned box to walk around in.

Hey, walking is walking, right? Also, I’ve been developing a home version of my gym workout, putting in more calisthenics and basic stretches, so I can do more stuff at home in case gas prices keep going up (which, y’know, they tend to do whenever Big Oil sees even the slightest opportunity, no matter who’s Prez!).

So all in all, I’m doing great! I mean, we all have our good days and bad days, but so far, the good days are winning by a nose (unlike the horses I occasionally spend my hard-earned moolah betting on)!

And now, as the cooling mists of June gloom dissipate over beautiful downtown Reseda, I’m going to have a nice, warm cup of cofveve and listen to THE most relaxing, contemplative version of Morning Prayer I’ve ever found (so far!), read by a lovely lady named Debbi at St. Thomas Episcopal Church in San Antonio, Texas. Enjoy, and see you next week!


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