Calisthenics at home or the gym – a great solution!

Hey, everyone! I’m heading out to investigate yet ANOTHER in my long line of gyms that I might or might not join. This time it’s a chain called Crunch Fitness. The main attraction of the particular location I’m checking out is that they have a pool, and it’s supposed to be around 100 degrees today, so there ya go.

Also, it’s more of a practical thing too — just more locations closer to where I actually live, so I can cut back a little on the driving, given the gas prices at the moment.

A better way to save gas, of course, would be to find ways to exercise at home. And I do try to do that, although it’s not always easy to decide what to do or where to do it. Not to mention the fact that we have an adorable little cat who stalks me in search of an available lap, which makes any attempt to work out somewhat fraught.

The best thing I’ve found so far is Hampton Liu’s Hybrid Calisthenics, which I’ve mentioned here before. What’s great about his low-impact moves is you can do them anywhere — like pushups!

I’ve actually worked up to doing 50 of these “wall pushups” at one go, sometimes leaning against the kitchen sink, the back wall of the house, the side of my car, or even a sturdy tree at the park! Sooo easy, and it’s such a great feeling when you’ve actually completed a set!

Of course, you can do a lot of the other moves anywhere, too — even a gym, I guess. So off I schlep to investigate Crunch and see if they can live up to my high standards, or at least not go below the low bar I’ve learned to set in these situations.

See ya next week!


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