Back from vakay – and a Weight Watchers decision!

Hey everyone! Just got home from vakay – literally, less than an hour ago! I’ve already cleaned out my gorgeous rental car and moved all my crap back into my less-than-gorgeous-but-still-serviceable beater car.

Tomorrow morning I’ll return Gorgeous and start the process of returning to “normal,” whatever that may be. And as part of that process, I’ve decided to cancel the WW membership after it expires on Oct. 1.

The main reason is that it just didn’t work for me on my trip, where I simply didn’t have access to all the “free zero point foods” and wound up counting calories. And realizing – I actually do like counting calories better! It’s easy and doesn’t require a whole lot of brain power, or a special app.

This is NOT to say that WW is “bad” or that it “doesn’t work.” Actually, I’ve learned some good things and will incorporate some of those lessons into my daily life (even after I stop paying for them!).

Especially the value of using more veggies for snacks, such as sugar snap peas and baby carrots. In fact, I’m thinking I might give myself a lower daily calorie count and then give myself “permission” to continue treating fruits and veggies as “free.” It’s always fun to get stuff for free, even when, y’know, it’s not REALLY free, right?

So those are just my random thoughts after a loonnngg couple of days on the road.

Also, it was fantastic to see my family, especially my fabulous niece Rachel and my number one fan, Margaret, neither of whose photos I will share here unless they give me express permission!

As for which calorie counting app I’ll use after this — oh, I dunno, probably “old faithful” MyFitnessPal, mainly because I still have it available on my phone and I understand how it works, so no surprises.

And of course, there’s always the old-fashioned way!

I’ll be less scatterbrained next week, but just wanted to let y’all know — I’m ba-a-a-ack! And now that I’m back, I’m outta here! See ya next week!


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