Heat waves and your diet/exercise plan

Well, howdy everyone, and yep, it’s another super hot week out here in Southern California!

So how does all this extreme weather affect our diet and/or exercise plans, if at all? Well, I don’t know about you, but when it’s so hot outside that I can feel the heat radiating inwards through the walls, I give myself a big fat honkin’ break on the exercise part!

I mean, it’s hard enough to stay cool without flailing around like a stuck pig hoping a few extra calories will fall off along with all the sweat, right? So in my humble opinion, either get up super early in the morning and do a walk or something, or just don’t do ANYTHING more than you have to do, to get through the day!

Now as for the diet part, that’s a different matter — kind of — and you might actually like this part! You should still do your best to log your calories and stick to your plan. However, as you’ve no doubt heard way too much lately from way too many pundits, you need to stay hydrated.

So even though all those Official Diet Gurus (ODGs) are always telling us not to “drink our calories,” I say this is exactly the time when you SHOULD drink as many of your calories as you possibly can!

Heh, okay, well, maybe hold off on the alkyhol! That’s probably not gonna help (although you won’t care, right?). But what I MEAN is, stock up on some of that fruit juice you like, but don’t have very often because of all those annoying ODGs! Have some (dare I say it)? chocolate milk! Heck, go ahead and have some soda with REAL SUGAR in it, if that’s you really want! It’s okay, really!

Just keep track of your calories so you don’t overdo it, and you’ll be fine. Maybe a little extra jittery, but you can deal with it, right? Anyway, just consider this a special occasion: the Great Heat Wave of ’22, or as leading climate change experts call it, “an ice age compared to what it’s gonna be in a few years”!

So drink up! It’s gonna be a long, hot decade or two till we figure out how to get those colonies built on the Moon, Mars, etc. Meanwhile, take care of yourself, STAY HYDRATED DAGNABBIT, and hang in there — summer’s gotta be over sooner or later, right??

See ya next week!


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