Slow running and bad poetry, all in one place!

Hey, everyone! Sorry, I know I’ve been remiss in posting on my super wildly popular blog here at WordPress.

But today I’ll remedy that omission by telling you that not only did I do a really nice, long (for me!) run today (over 5,000 steps/1.5 miles, thankyouverramuch!), I also composed the following horrible poem when I got back to my car!

Ready? Well, too bad! Cuz here we go!

Eight words I’m super proud to say:

I did a bit of a run today!

And though it may not help my core,

Tomorrow I’ll do a little bit more!

Oh well, I did warn you it was bad! However, I’m (possibly overly) proud of my creation! So here’s to running, and creativity, and maybe one of these days, I’ll figure out how to combine the two in a more aesthetically pleasing form!

Also in order to keep my blogging more interesting to me, personally,

and of course, to you, my faithful readers and/or blood relatives, I think I’ll keep my posts a little shorter for the foreseeable future! It’ll make it easier for me to come in and put some sort of word salad in here more often. Which I know is why you

keep coming back for more!


Okay, hope that was worth the effort of reading! See you next time!


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