Yeah, I know, I totally missed April, didn’t I?

Sigh! Let’s face it, gang, I’m kind of out of the blogging habit right now!

Sorry about that! I know, I know, when I first started this blog I was posting every week (even sometimes mid-week, when I was feeling really ambitious!). A big part of that was that I had an actual goal for the blog: to lose 50 pounds before my 60th birthday (hence the name!)

Then I reached that goal and … well, I still had to *maintain* it, right? And I felt really good about being a semi-official Diet Guru tm on the Internetz!

And then, of course, the big C hit and changed everything!

Um, well, no, Covid didn’t make me blog less! If anything, I blogged more for a while, since there wasn’t a whole lot else to do, remember?

No, I’m talking about the OTHER Big C!

Oh, fer – Cancer, dagnabbit! Remember, I had breast cancer??

So anyway, I went off on the Road to Cancer City, which gave me lots of nice blogging material for months and months!

Then … the treatment worked, and I got better, and … um … well, that’s kinda where I’m at now: in between the last disaster and whatever disaster might be on the way!

Oh GAWD not that, pleez!! Anyway, I’m not ready to cancel the blog yet, so if you’re one of my many fans who’s hanging on my every word … well, come on, what’s wrong with you?

Seriously, I appreciate that you enjoy what I put out here, so I promise, I will try to post more often, and will try not to skip over a whole entire calendar MONTH like I just did!

Whaddya say we shake hands and start over?

Tune in again — sooner or later, it’ll be new!

2 thoughts on “Yeah, I know, I totally missed April, didn’t I?

  1. Well you are forgiven for missing April but don’t let it happen again!!😡😤🤬 your blogs are witty and the pictures to emphasize the content are clever. I am here, cheering you on!🤗👏Kathy ( the)

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