Nobody got time for that!

Hey, everyone, and happy almost New Year! I was all set to post one of those seemingly obligatory end-of-the-year retrospectives, chronicling my journey from breast cancer surgery in January through the radiation treatments in March and April and all the way through to the colonoscopy in November, and then this morning I had a revelation. … Continue reading Nobody got time for that!


I’ve got a date!

Hey, everyone! Hope you're all enjoying this lovely time, the last few days till Christmas, when it's pretty much too late to expect anything to be shipped on time but you keep your hopes alive anyway, because darn it all, your second cousin once removed NEEDS that fruitcake! (Hi Becky!!) And I'm relieved to report … Continue reading I’ve got a date!

Dominion rigged my scales!

Well, howdy, everyone! Here we are in the Future, the fabulous, far-away sounding year of 2021 A.D., and [squints] huh ... well, gee whillikers, Batman, I, uh, hate to say this, but it kinda looks not all that different from 2020, so far! Well, okay, calm down! Let's just keep all our fingers and toesies … Continue reading Dominion rigged my scales!

So long, sucky year!

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to get in one last post before this annus horribilus comes to an end. And let's be honest, 2021 may wind up having a lot of sucky things in it too, but at least it'll look a little different, in some places! And in a few short weeks, we'll have a … Continue reading So long, sucky year!