Everything new is old again!

Well, good morning, everyone! This will be a (relatively) short post as I am all atwitter about a new author I discovered this week, and want to hit the bookstore to see if she's written anything else! The book is called "I Met A Traveller In An Antique Land," by a young, unknown named Connie … Continue reading Everything new is old again!


Meet this week’s weight, same as last week’s weight!

Yep, it's true -- this week's weight is exactamundo (exactamente? exactaroony? I've fallen behind on my Duolingo lessons) the same as last week, to whit: 202.0 Which ... well, it's okay that it didn't go up, but I still sorta kinda wanna have it go down! So I guess I better revisit my ol' pal … Continue reading Meet this week’s weight, same as last week’s weight!

Summer Vacation? Diet Break!

Well, it's summertime, and for those of you who've been watching my blog (all 2 of you - hi!), I seem to have entered the dreaded -- Weight Loss Plateau! So while I'm not ready to do anything drastic, like change the diet completely which would be kinda silly, 'cause it's WORKING, and you know … Continue reading Summer Vacation? Diet Break!